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This is an original etching


There is only one available


 7 x 11"  


One of a series of small original etchings available in my shop. The entire series of etchings was inspired by the concept of giving certain emotional states a physical body, aka a visual representation. These etchings are an attempt to capture emotions in a  minimalist and abstract way, to have them feel otherworldly yet somehow familiar. 

The piece will arrive securely in a flat mailer. For framing reference and help please click the link below.

This is one way to mount paper work, you can mount paper work without a "float" and simply put it in a frame with a foam core mount. This is just the way I would advise you mount any works on paper.

Larger paper prints of this piece will be available soon!



    Fabriano Etching Paper

    Charbonnel Ink  

    7 x 11"

    1 available