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I've always been enamored with beauty.  Beauty in all different forms has always been important.  From paintings and photographs to jewelry, beautiful knitwear, minimalist design, hand crafted ceramics and so much more.  Beauty is my link to the Divine.  I strive to put all of myself and my love for the Divine into every piece I create.  My love for art started at a very early age and I was lucky enough to have two parents who are both artists themselves.

I was classically trained in painting and printmaking in Boston.  I loved classical figure drawing and all things figurative.  Like many artists, that is where my inspiration and  art love-affair started, the human form.  Eventually, I became more and more interested in the simplicity of form. I began taking gesture, shape and line down to my most minimal understanding of it, stripping away the human form and any representation of reality altogether. 


My interest in abstraction evolved over time from my preoccupation with three things:  the relationships between colors, the interaction of shapes and the emotional quality of line. 


I begin each of my canvases with layers of color and line that are intuitive and completely unplanned. Through a process of editing color and shape relationships, I bring each painting closer to my personal sensibilities. 

I hope that the amount of love I put into every single piece is available for each viewer to draw upon. 

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